Las Migas

Four women: Alba, Marta, Alicia and Roser. Four cities from the North and from the South: Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba and Lérida. Four different visions of music and one common passion: Flamenco.
Las Migas are starting a new stage in their career. New live show, new repertoire and are eager to keep moving forward.
Two Andalusian at the guitars: Marta Robles, the veteran, and Alicia Grillo, the most recent and youngest musician of the group. Two Catalans: Alba Carmona on vocals, and Roser Loscos on violin.
They form this unusual female quartet of Flamenco and Mediterranean music. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, they agree on the passionate pursuit of beauty. Which is constantly searched on each of the notes they compose or perform. An explosion of sounds, pure, unique, and rebel: that’s how the universe of Las Migas is like.
From their beginning, the quartet based in Barcelona have filled big theatres and have performed in some of the most important World Music festivals. Their new venture offers a style more rhythmic, more luminous and with a strong Latin touch. Their live show, recently launched, hides many surprises: to begin with, Alba presents for the first time a coreography featuring dance and vocals, filled with sensuality and self-confidence. The show begins very intimate and personal, to gradually, become heartbreaking. Even scoundrel. And even comical at some point. As the show grows in intensity it keeps its exquisite style, the care of the sound and the heart that have always characterized the music of Las Migas.

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